Characteristics of EKOFIL

EKOFIL is a filter for portable water handy, easy installation and simple operation.

For its operation it does not require electricity to operate or specialists, much less refills with special substances.

filtro lupaEKOFIL is made of porous clay treated with a special coating of colloidal silver, and works by the action of gravity generating CLEAN WATER, FRESH AND FREE OF BACTERIA, from unreliable water available in ponds, streams, ponds, lagoons, doubtful aqueducts and other similar sources.

The EKOFIL filter not only purifies the water but also improves its organoleptic properties (taste, odor) and will increase the degree of PH or alkalinity also making it healthier. (Click to enlarge)

caracteristicas del filtro ekofil

Documents, brochures and videos

EKOFIL filters
1- Brochure informativo Filtro EKOFIL
2- Resultados Lab. aguas rio Cali. Sept. 2014
Solar Energy
3- Sistema solar para bombeo de aguas

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