How it works?

The process of water purification filters in EKOFIL basically comprises two stages:

• Microfiltration to retain elements and contaminants pathogens.

• Elimination of harmful microorganisms using COLLOIDAL SILVER as germicidal agent.


This is obtained thanks to that during the manufacturing process, in the walls of the filter vessel are formed an extensive network of micro pores to minuscule tunnel mode which opening is of the order of a micrón.Cerámica- Corte transversal

Through this intricate network of microscopic passageways filter gives way to water, but NOT to her to wear contaminating organisms and whose average size is higher than the filter pores, leaving them trapped there.

That is the fate of this filter as harmful microorganisms such as Escherichia coli, Legionella, the Lectospira, Shigella, Vibrio Cholera, Giardia or Amoeba, among many others, all of them responsible for terrible diseases.

The same happens to other larger bugs and equally harmful to human, such as Ascaris, the pinworms, the Tricocéfa the Enterobius, Trichuris, or eggs of tapeworm, po name a few health.


Because its bigger  size than the  filter pore, it is impossible for any bacteria or virus to pass through the ceramic wall of the filter, which has an average porosity 1 micron combined with the germicide action of colloidal silver, which organism act abolishing those who make it to the inner pore.bacterias y la ceramica


The second and final filter action occurs, because in its manufacturing process, the clay unit is subjected to careful and special bath in a solution of COLLOIDAL SILVER.plata coloidal en la ceramica

By this bath, millions of silver particles are also installed throughout the micro filter passageways as powerful guardians awaiting you there attempting step harmful pollutants and disease vectors.

Many scientific research conducted at prestigious institutions around the world have concluded that any bacteria, fungus, virus or microbe can live in an environment where there are particles of silver, because in a very short time they act on their membranes and the respiratory system to destabilize , suffocating and fully annihilate.

That’s what happens in this filter. And all with the reassurance that the concentration of colloidal silver filter installed on it is enough for their antimicrobial work can be accomplished without offering the slightest risk to human health.





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