EKOFIL filters


  •  It is an economical, efficient, and portable end user filter, easy to install and operate.
  • EKOFIL filter is considered the solution to the lack of potable water in rural and semi-urban areas
  • It does not requires external sources such as electricity or pressure to operate, so it is a unique solution in times of crisis, such as a failure in the supply of electricity or potable water from the aqueducts, or even in drought seasons.
  • It is a combined process of dropwise microfiltration and disinfection using  Colloidal Silver , where  turbidity is reduced and the dissolved oxygen index and PH are increased, resulting in an improvement of the organoleptic properties such as color, smell and taste. The fact that the resulting drinking water becomes slightly alkaline makes this water healthier and even medicinal.

Documents, brochures and videos

EKOFIL filters
1- Brochure informativo Filtro EKOFIL
2- Resultados Lab. aguas rio Cali. Sept. 2014
Solar Energy
3- Sistema solar para bombeo de aguas

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