Photovoltaic systems

The photovoltaic generation mainly comprises three fields.

  • Isolated or battery systems: installation is recommended in remote areas of electricity distribution networks and their development is affected by the high cost and short battery life.
  • Grid-tied Systems: Does not require the use of batteries and the intention is to promote self-generation of electricity to meet consumption.
  • Solar pumping systems:     
  •             Pumping systems in Direct Current (DC): The pumping capacity for the DC pumps available in the market is very limited. ( no more than 5HP)
  •            Three Phase Solar inverter: These kind of inverters were designed to feed AC pumps from a very low until a high pumping capacity ( 450 watts – 55 HP)

Documents, brochures and videos

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1- Brochure informativo Filtro EKOFIL
2- Resultados Lab. aguas rio Cali. Sept. 2014
Solar Energy
3- Sistema solar para bombeo de aguas

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